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  • Polyester Fiber Filter-cloth

Cotton industrial canvas is designed to meet different demands, they are widely app­lied in rubber/tyre production, vamp and as filter cloth.

YANPAl is specialized in offering cotton base cloth for card clothing, which require extra less deformation and high strength. Surface coating, cement dipping and dyed products available up to demands. 

  • Polyester Short Fiber Filter-cloth

Its mightiness is a little lower than polyester, the intention is only 352-572 cndtex, the split­ting and elongation is 12%-15%, but it posse­sses the virtue of a long-time everlasting us­ing and one of the virtue is it has a good al­dalinity-resisting, it can be combined with rubber easily. So it is the best material for the field of rubber. As for its disadvantage is it has a bad heat-resisting, it will shrink when the temperature reach 100◦C, the acid­resisting is bad.
Polyvinyl fiber fiber filter-cloth are widly used in the industry of rubber. 

  • Polypropylene Fiber Filter-cloth

Polypropylene fiber can be divided into short polypropylene fiber and long polypropylene fiber. The yarns which are made of long polypropylene, fiber are very slippery. So the bursting strength and gas permeability of the long polypropylene are much better than that of the short poly-fiber. 

  • Glass Fiber Filter-cloth

Having the feature of good heat resistance, it can be used at temperature of 280 °C over a long period of time. Applications: It is widely used in the dust removal and environment protection and in the recovery of useful rare met. 

  • Polyemide Fiber Filter-cloth

Its mightiness are much stronger than any other fibers, the intensity is 4-5.3 Cndtex, sp­litting and elongation is 18%-45%. So it is suitable for  manufacturing car tyres. Polyemide fiber industry cloth can be divided into 301#, 407#, 663#, 17-2#, 17-7#, all of them are used in the industry of pottery medicine, food, m­etallurgy, rubber, etc. But 66 of Polyemide fiber filter- cloth can’ t be suit for the fields of medicine and food, as it is poisonous and it is harmful to people’ s health. 

  • Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber Filter-cloth

The filter cloth of polyester fiber in our factory has the feature of resisting acid, resisting wear and tear, has the feature of high efficiency of filteration,fast filteration there are many kinds ofthem,and it can be used in the fields of Food, chemical, deystuff,etc.


Polyester fiber

Polypropylene fiber

Polyamide fiber

Polyvinyl alcohol fiber

Acid-resisting Strong  All right Weak Non-acid resisting soda
Alkalinity-resisting Weakness-resisting Strong  All right Weakness-
Corrosion-resisting All right Bad Bad All right
Electrification Bad All right Good Normal
Splitting and elongation 30%-40% Better than polyester 18°C-45°C 15%-25%
Return ability Very good Good 10%-90% Weak
Abrasion resistance Very good Good Very good Good
Heat-resisting 120°C 90°C a little Contraction 130°C a little Contraction 100°C a little Contraction
Softening-resisting 230°C-240°C 140°C-150°C 180°C 200°C
Melting-point 255°C-265°C 165°C-170°C 210°C-215°C 220°C


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